Content is the King

The market for branded content is already strong, and will continue to grow stronger.We are having the ability to build new content service offerings will be crucial for all the Brands to ensure that, it’s  relevant and profitable.While content is at the core of many marketing channels, each Brand must have content , in a way that aligns with its core competencies.

Content, services will vary among , Digital Agencies of Record (AORs), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PR and Social Media agencies (representing the digital services continuum). Mobiwise will differentiate themselves with content services that are true to their heritage.

To engage our clients in content conversations , we will communicate and explain the value of their emergent content offerings.

For AORs: Mapping out content strategies and roadmaps

For PR: Creating branded content to feed conversations

For the SEM and Social shops: Optimizing content for discover ability.

Mobiwiseis  “always-on,” we will support brands on-the-go and on-the-fly through the creation and distribution of content at scale.Mobiwians will embrace and know how to navigate the evolving world of media convergence.Recognition and reward will be given to the Data-Driven Account Managers, Conversationalists, Agile Content Creators and Audience Data Insight Specialist, helping brands deliver real business results across digital and mobile channels.

Media Convergence :

Media convergence is a disruptive force affecting all aspects of digital marketing. Mobiwise is strategically ready for this convergence by planning and synchronizing service delivery across the user experience, content creation and media buying.

Our strategic media convergence model is adapting to the changing media and consumer landscape.A key aspect of this new model is the need for customer focus ,delivering sustained value through client-centric organizational structures.

We are having the needed talent and skills to address the proliferation of channels and customer touch points. These touch points are generating growing amounts of collect-able and target-able marketing data, which in turn requires robust statistical and technological sophistication for its analysis.With audience insights,we have talents, with deep insights to plan, execute and optimize campaigns.

These same insights need to be leveraged by creative teams that are responsible for building brand experiences and interacting with customer son social platforms in real time. These are two distinct competencies, and to bring them together, at Mobiwise we have merged Creativity with Big Data.

We have the ability to identify,embrace and leverage technology as a service for insights and as a profitability enabler. Aside from implementing workflow and tools to improve operational efficiency,we are fluent with both pre-dominant and emerging marketing technologies.

Mobiwise can provide technology  consultancy, helping clients select, deploy and leverage the best marketing technologies to meet their specific needs.

We can deliver‘ news room ’model built content for SEO engagements.It will no longer focus simply on traditional on-site SEO and  social SEO.” “Delivering valuable content for your consumers is essential for all brands.We have both the ability to understand data and the targeting to deliver the right content in the right format to users on their desired device,while also connecting experiences across devices.”

“Being a  innovative agencies, we have the combination of social, interest, commerce and aspiration to create a rich profile that delivers better content on mobile.We have people tooptinandwholearntonimbly analyze and use the data [that] people offer brands daily.

“Mobiwise is an‘always-on’service model, not just talking about it,but creating relevant and interesting stories on a daily basis that tie the context of the‘now’in to what’s relevant for the brand,will be crucial.Piggy backing on trending stories alone won’t work,it will be about making meaningful brand connections with those trending stories.”

Our ability in engaging with consumers, understanding what they want, listening to feedback and leveraging data and analytics will makeour Client’sbusiness a successful one.


Mobiwise will move beyond the ‘Big Idea’ in today’s media environment,you can never generate enough weight behind a single ‘Big Idea’.The future is all about a thousand little ideas that can be executed in real time and on the fly.”

We have to  celebrate the passions and needs of your customers increasingly via visual means .Owned and paid media will strive to become earned media.

Chief Marketing Officers ( CMOs )will have to over come the current divide between digital marketing, brand marketing,PR& Social programs to successfully develop and implement compelling brand experiences.We are entering a world where digital innovation is merging with traditional marketing fundamentals to create new approaches, new brand leaders and new models for success.”

Mobiwise will use the results  o earned media back  goals and objectives,and to common measures of success.We do not describe the value of earned media in terms of a soft or qualitative ROI in earned media,engagement with the brand and the brand’s content is the‘Holy Grail’.So,place ENGAGEMENT at the top of the list when it comes to measuring the ROI of integrated marketing and communications initiatives.”

“The most innovation will come from the products that make the marketing engine work,we hetherit’s ou rCRM tool or ouranalytics.”

We know how to start with our clients business goals and create long-term strategies that we have online and offline tactics. We know how to play in the old school world and how to capitalize on the new world’ support unities.”