Converged Media Agency

Today, brands are looking to their agencies for help in navigating the new, ever-changing realities of marketing online. In our digital and consumer-driven world, where the customer’s pathway to purchase is more fragmented than ever, marketing channels can no longer be addressed, executed and measured as separate entities. Brands will expect agencies to embrace a new media model where the planning and managing of paid, owned and earned channels are integrated.

Mobiwise is born , on a converged approach, Mobiwise will help their clients drive audience engagement, build brand credibility, and accomplish their business goals.Digital advertising will continue to drive a significant portion of the Brands Businesses; however, this alone won’t sustain Brand value, ensure future growth or drive marketing traction for brands. In order to survive and thrive, brands need to invest in content marketing. According to CMI1 , 33 percent of marketing budgets for business-to-business (B2B) companies are now spent on content marketing, making content the new digital currency. By offering content services as a core capability, Mobiwise will become the fuel for their clients’ marketing programs across the converged media continuum, empowering brands to meet their target audiences at each junction in the information discovery and buying journey.

There is no doubt that consumers claim the driver’s seat. Consumers now solve their own problems, researching products and services, with the help of search and social media.

As brands aim to increase their digital authority, Mobiwise cannot afford to plan and execute digital campaigns in silos. Beyond deeper channel integration, agencies will be expected to create more than brand awareness and recognition.

They will need to define and drive relationships for brands by developing content that will engage audiences and motivate them to return. In addition, Mobiwise is reworking traditional metrics, such as eyeballs and impressions, and monitor performance across channels to identify opportunities for growth.

Mobiwise is strong in earned and owned media services with content marketing at the corewith  organizational structure and technology.

At Mobiwise we have converged media specialists (converged media strategists, planners and buyers, content marketers, community builders and analytics gurus) to plan, execute and optimize social and digital campaigns.

We have the technology setup for the future,it will disseminate content assets across channels, provide real-time performance analytics to optimize efforts, and drive effective audience development for brands.At Mobiwisewe ,embrace a new content-driven model and providing content strategy, execution and analysis as key services to continue to play an integral role in helping brands meet their business objectives.

Mobiwians strongly believes SEO or Social Media or Email Marketing or most forms of marketing isn’t about ‘doing more SEO’ or ‘investing in social’ but is about creating GREAT CONTENT that people will want to read, link to, talk about and share”.

Mobiwise can fine-tune their thinking, offerings, talent development, and technology infrastructure to support brand engagement and relationship-building along the new consumer journey.