Graphic Design Process

As a part of the design process, every branding and identity project begins by thoroughly researching the client’s business and what they stand for. We strive for authenticity to ensure every brand’s touch point is a clear communication of who they are.Our graphic design process has the following phases. The client is involved in every step of the design process:

Phase I – Estimate, purchase order and advance

After the initial meeting with the client (in India – outside Chennai,via internet) and receiving the proper brief, we give an exact estimate of the work. Once the estimate is approved, we ask for an advance amount and a purchase order. When this is done, we get into action and discuss and plan the project with our team of copywriter, creative director and digital artists and decide our graphic design approach.

Phase II – Initial design samples & concept

We go ahead step by step. Beginning with research, planning, design elements to color preference and reference of design you like. The sample designs are shown via emails or by uploading to the server. Each updated work is sent to you on a regular basis so that things are finalized on a fast pace.

Phase III – Development of design

There may be suggestions and changes from the customer side, and all the changes should be finalized before moving into the next phase. This phase comprises of conceptualization, copy writing, photography, drum scanning of high resolution images and illustration.

Phase IV- Revisions(final stages of design)

The objective of this phase is to finalize the selected design with the final layout, high resolution images, fonts, colours, etc. We finalize all design elements and show you the dummy to let you know how it looks after printing.

Phase V – Final files and artwork

Based on your suggestions and liking, we create the final files (high resolution) incorporating all final changes, link files and colours. We write these files on a CD/Flash drive/Hard disk and deliver it to you. As per client’s requirement, we also upload the high resolution final art work files into the server using FTP. You just need to download the images on your hard disk and give it to the printer. We offer prompt assistance and constantly stay in touch with your company so that there is no communication gap. The whole process takes between one to three weeks, till completion. The time for final delivery depends on the graphic design project we possess.

Packaging, Design & Label Design

Mobiwise India Graphic Design team consists of Logo and corporate identity designers, illustrators and experts in print design. So it is natural that they bring all their expertise into packaging design as well. Mobiwise Package Design India delivers amazing Label & Package design graphics for retail packaging and determine appropriate look and feel, audience-appropriate style, which would take charge of your entire label / package design project for your product launch.

Our approach to packaging design project is to deliver unique solution

Mobiwise India Packaging & Label Design packaging and package designers offer you retail package and display design ideas that will grab the shopper’s attention and motivate the customer to buy your product. We offer consultancy on label design and package creative for on-time delivery and consistent high quality in label and packaging design. Having worked with all kind of packaging designs and their production, our experience extends to wide range of product categories including food, beverages, fragrances, medicines and toiletries.

“A great packaging design makes justice to a quality product”

Credibility and presence is everything. The first great step is to assure the company about the marketing plan. You capture the public’s imagination as well as providing a distinct alternative to your competitors’ product line. The first time your customers bump into your product is a moment that makes a eternal impression. Through package designs that adds value to your product and differentiate your company from the competitors,Mobiwise India Packaging & Label Design delivers brand powered lasting impressions that drive sales and customer loyalty.

Services Logo Design and Corporate Identity

Mobiwise India has an extensive record in developing powerful and effective branding items that creates a positive image for your company to tap the right market at the right time.

Working in conjunction with branding experts that include marketing research experts, creative director and copy consultant, Mobiwise India Graphic Design Studio can turn a brand model or brief into a logo, strap line and other branding elements. Collectively the two teams work together to provide a complete branding tool kit, including thematic logo, artwork files, style guides and design templates as a complete corporate identity package.