Why Does Your Business Need Linkedin

These days in the business world, relationships matter more than ever.  People tune out irrelevant or promotional messages. But they do want  to engage with companies that focus on sharing useful and relevant  information and content. The companies that inform and engage aren’t  just selling — they’re building relationships.

LinkedIn is where, by far, the largest  number of professionals gather to stay  connected and informed, advance their  careers, and work smarter. More than  467 million professionals are on LinkedIn.

These are the decision makers, influencers,  and leaders of today and tomorrow — the  people you want to target, all in one place.

On LinkedIn, we have:

  • 61 million senior-level influencers
  • 40 million decision makers
  • 10.7 million opinion leaders
  • 6.8 million C-level execs
  • 3 million MBA graduates

Professionals are not just coming to  LinkedIn in huge numbers; they’re engaging  with a huge purpose. They’re coming  specifically to connect to networks,

brands and opportunities by engaging  with high-quality content across the  LinkedIn platform. This is a very different  mindset and intent from other social media  platforms; we’re driven by our members’  professional aspirations.

The world’s professionals come to  LinkedIn for:

  • Industry news
  • Expertadvice
  • Career training
  • Peer insights and recommendations
  • Content published by LinkedIn’s 500+ Influencers

LINKEDIN world’s professionals  in one place.

LinkedIn is a platform enabling sophisticated marketers to forge  relationships with these professionals. In fact, this is the first time in  the history of media you can engage with the world’s professionals  in one place. It’s no wonder LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to  content publishing platform for marketers.

Why are the world’s professionals now  gathering in this one place, on LinkedIn?  Because the people you’re looking to  market to are just like you and me. We’re  all searching for the right destinations to  find the best information, and there are  actually fewer places where we’re gathering  in large numbers.

Why are the world’s professionals now  gathering in this one place, on LinkedIn?  Because the people you’re looking to  market to are just like you and me. We’re  all searching for the right destinations to  find the best information, and there are  actually fewer places where we’re gathering  in large numbers.

All it takes is a sophisticated marketer who  seizes the opportunity to engage them.

What do we mean by a sophisticated  marketer? The idea of being a sophisticated  marketer comes from the transition of  social media marketing from pure theory to  effective use. But marketers can’t just “do”  social. Now they need to produce results  and actionable insights in order toprove  the value of their efforts. Fortunately, we are  no longer forced to take a spray-and-pray  approach to getting our messages heard in  the noisy world of social.

The technology is in place that allows us  to adopt a much more refined approach— sophisticated if you will — to social media marketing, using the world’s largest  professional network.

Mobiwise help Who Matters in Linkedin ?  to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

As a sophisticated marketer, grasp the reality of today’s purchase  process: Buyers are up to 90% through the purchase process before  they make direct contact with your sales team. That means the onus  is on you to attract and engage these buyers by delivering content  that helps them narrow down their options.

That’s where the Linked platform delivers  value, by:

  1. Targeting:Creating awareness of your brand and  products early in the purchase process
  1. Engaging: Positioning your brand as a thought leader  and engaging audiences more deeply with content as they’re forming perceptions  and decisions
  1. Optimizing : Driving the right audiences to take action, helping you generate quality leads and  new business

4 GeT to the right  professional audience

With your specific end goal now in mind,our targeting is the core of what  enablesyour success on LinkedIn. The  authentic member-generated, first party  data on LinkedIn is more accurate and  highly differentiated in the market noise  of audience data. We make it easy for  you to segment and reach your  audience by offering:

  • rich demographic daTa Job Function, Seniority, Company Name, Geo, Industry
  • inTeresT-based TargeTing Group Membership,Skills,

5 Field of Study

  • Persona Targeting Job Searchers, Opinion Leaders,  Mass Affluent, Business Travelers
  • your own audience data Target Account Lists, External Data Integrations engage your audience  with conrent Based on your goals and the metrics you’ll  use to grade the success of your programs — and given how members engage on the  platform — you can take advantage of a  mix of organic content and paid  advertising opportunities.

Mobiwise will  Optimize Your  Profile in Linkedin

Every day, we see millions of professionals find others and get found  through LinkedIn search.

Whether someone is searching for people, jobs, companies, or groups, we provide the most  relevant results based on your professional identity, your network, and how the people in  your network engage with LinkedIn. Plus, one of the first steps many members take when  receiving content from a company or another member is clicking through to the personal  profile or Company Page to learn about the sender. That’s why it’s critical for you and your  company to maintain complete and optimized profiles.

how you can benefiT from an opTimized profile

As a marketer, you can use LinkedIn for networking and to further your profession. After all,  these days, very few people end up working for a single company their entire career. So  whether you’re actively seeking a new position or maximizing the job you are already in, it’s  wise to make sure your profile is set up for maximum exposure and engagement. In addition,  adding rich media content — such as SlideShare presentations, videos, and infographics to  your profile — is a fantastic way to showcase visual assets to profile visitors.

how your company can benefiT from an opTimized profile

It goes without saying that your company and all of its employees should optimize their  LinkedIn profiles. After all, an optimized profile can boost the visibility of your company and  its content in the search results — both on and off the network. That’s because search  engines like Google scour pages and URLs for keywords, and LinkedIn profiles offer many  opportunities to embed keywords, such as within the LinkedIn URL, other URLs you list  within your profile, job titles and descriptions, and content links you include. So if your  company and its employees have optimized their profiles, you could very well gain an  advantage when prospective customers are searching for companies, products and  services like yours.

Mobiwise will Expand  Your Network of  Influencers in Linkedin :

In late 2012, we made it possible for any LinkedIn member to follow an exclusive group of  Influencers on LinkedIn. From C-level executives and entrepreneurs to world leaders and  philanthropists, these Influencers contribute unique business insights and spark thought-  provoking discussions on a range of issues. Displayed via the LinkedIn feed, the Influencers  program is a source of truly original content. But more importantly, it’s meant to inspire,  inform, and make you a better marketer.

The Influencer program numbers 500 of the most influential thought leaders. Posts that our  Influencers write on LinkedIn garner on average more than 25K page views, more than 300  likes, and 100 comments. And you can directly engage with any of these Influencers, either  by “Liking” a post or jumping into a conversation about a post. Moreover, through threaded  comments, you can reply to a post by an Influencer to start conversations and debates  with others who are reading that post. You can mention other people to draw them into a  discussion, and get notified when your comment has received a response.



Mobiwise will  Keep up with  what matters  in Linkedin:

With all the news websites, blogs and newsletters out  there, staying in the know can be time consuming.

In fact, like most marketers, you probably find it’s increasingly difficult  to figure out what matters most when reading news across multiple  sources. Millions of professionals invest their time on LinkedIn, staying  on top of industry news with the homepage feed.

Your LinkedIn Feed is designed to help you discover and discuss news  and ideas to help you stay well-informed so that you can be more  successful every day. It is personalized for you based on your profile and  relationships in order to surface topics you care about from people who  matter in your professional world.

Mobiwise  Publishing On LinkedIn

Get noticed by your peers and engage with like-  minded professionals by writing your own posts.  Publishing on LinkedIn gives all professionals the  ability to share their expertise with the world.

Make your content stand out  with multimedia

Engaging content goes a long way in reaching  the right audience, so we recently made  enhancements to our publishing platform so that  it’s even easier for you to create posts that catch  readers’ attention.

In addition to a new interface that puts your  content front and center, you can now more easily  move, add, and resize multimedia with inline  images, videos, slides, or podcasts. Research  shows that articles with images get 94% more  total views. All you have to do is click on the “Add  Multimedia” icon.

Add hashtags to help your content get discovered

To help surface your posts in front of the people  who matter most, always add relevant hashtags  so that others can easily find your content in  search. Using a hashtag will ensure that when  members are looking for information on a certain  topic or timely event, your article will come up as  one of the options.

Get audience insights on The go  With our new audience insights on mobile  (desktop coming soon), we’ve made it easier  for you to understand who’s seeing the posts  you’ve shared and the articles you’ve written.  To use the insights feature, simply tap on  “Me” in the LinkedIn mobile app, and you will  find real-time information on the posts you’ve  shared the articles you’ve written.

Now you can better understand your audience— what companies they work for, their job  titles, where they live, and how they found  your post. With these insights you can better understand if you were successful in optimizing  your post to gain visibility with the right people.

Not only that, but these insights give you a  simple entry point to connecting with people  that are relevant to your industry, and start  conversations that can make you more  productive and successful in your career.

With nearly 3 million people publishing  long-form articles and millions more sharing  updates, LinkedIn is the leading platform for  professionals like you to build your voice.