Build a Customer-Centric Organization

This trend, known as media convergence,represents the blending of tactics across channels to reach  and  engage the social consumer.A converged media model applied to growing brand awareness, engagement, sales and customer service  is the only way brands can align their marketing efforts to attract and retain the attention  of the new social consumer.

The Converged Media Opportunity for Brands

Brands are looking to digital agencies to navigate the era of the empowered consumer, seeking help in leveraging content to create better online experiences and engage with consumers across an array of channels.Agencies are now expected to provide both the strategic guidance and the comprehensive buyer and channel understanding to help brands engage customers during each stage of the consumer journey. To that end, our professionals are facing a number of opportunities andchallenges as they align with brand partners to deliver converged services.As an agency we are facing a number of opportunities and challenges as we align with brand partners to deliver converged services.At Mobiwians ,we understand the fluid value from leveraging paid, owned and earned media


At Mobiwise we provide content services to our clients through internal capabilities and strategic partnerships. A stronger understanding of the relationship between audiences and the content they engage with is critical for Mobiwise to provide value.

Mobiwise will offer digital advertising, audience insights, engagement and content marketing to create and sustain authentic, compelling experiences acrosschannels.

We understand, how to operate converged media campaigns while driving business value for both brands and consumeris important for Mobiwise. This operational knowledge is crucial for building audiences and driving growth for our clients.

At Mobiwise,we offer highly specialized services, such as public relations, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing and digital advertising. Originally thriving as “centers of excellence” with separate departments and offerings, Now we rethink and redesigned our business model. In this new model, we foster open collaboration, reduce costs, and jointly drive results for our clients.As a Digital Agency of the Future,we changed our operational structure and a shift in cultural mindset.

Mobiwians/ we are NOT Brand-centric We are Customer-centric:

This transition to consumer centricity we have created centers of excellence,we have expertise across all channels and functions, recognizing that customers aren’t searching for particular brands or companies, but looking to solve a problem, address a need or engage in an experience of interest or passion.

MOBIWISE invests in employees with diverse backgrounds and builds strongpartnershipswithoutsidefirms,aswell.At Mobiwise we moved awayfrom the stand-alone campaign mentality, instead focusing on integrated, ongoing programs to support each stage of the buyer’sjourney.We will leverage talent, technology and an integrated operational structure.

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