Quality And Reliability

Based in one of the most exciting metropolitan’s, Mobiwise brings to you world-class decor, themes, menus, Master of Ceremonies, and perfect execution. Our superlative track record of being the most sought-after corporate event coordinator in Chennai vouches for the fact. We endeavour to organise events and ceremonies that leave you with only happy memories. Our event planning technique is unique and memorable. Right from planning and organising the event, to designing and sending the invites and creating specialized pages on various social networking platforms, we do it all. Simply get in touch with us with a brief of the event and the number of guests expected, and leave everything onto us. We work in tandem with our clients, keep them informed and incorporate their views at every step. We assign an exclusive corporate event manager for every project to give each of the clients, exclusive attention, detailing and execution of events without any room for complaining. Every such manager assigned, understands your exact expectations from the event, the online and offline promotions that you seek, the scale of the events, and of course, the budget details.

Corporate Event Planners In Chennai

Trending Solutions

We endeavour to continually improve and upgrade ourselves and that is why, we are persistently researching and re-evaluating our work, the latest trends in the genres and innovative ideas. Corporate events are meant to popularise the client’s companies, help build a positive brand image, and make positive bearings on the revenues. Over the years the scale and frequency of such events have only been becoming bigger and better. Our perfect understanding of clients’ expectations and offering more than desired results have made us the numero uno corporate event organizers in Chennai. Our speculative body of work bears testimony to the fact that we have been organising events that are entrenched in the memories for long for all the right reasons.

Confer Awards in A Unique Way in Chennai

In the corporate world, an award ceremony is an important event hosted by the concerned company. It serves as a platform to encourage talent and identify an individual’s contribution to the organisation.

In Chennai, Mobiwise helps you organise the various award ceremonies that are part of your organisation’s brand building strategy.

We decide the financial aspects like budget allocation with the client and plan the function to suit your requirements. First, we start off by deciding the venue of the award function. Most of the firms have their own conference halls so zeroing on the venue is not a problem. Mobiwise assists them in other aspects such as décor, catering and other essentials.

Catering Services in Chennai

The next factor is whether the particular award ceremony has arranged for catering services. This matters because the budget might vary if the client decides to host dinner or lunch after the event. In this case, selecting the menu and cuisine forms a major part of the work for us. We believe that everything must be planned and executed carefully, so there is no confusion at the time of the event.

When we talk about globalisation, our clients have their headquarters abroad, or they might have their partners working overseas. In such an instance, we take care of the catering and hospitality service, so your foreign counterparts feel at home in India.

Once the preliminary aspects are taken care of, we look into creating the right invitation card. We will discuss ideas with our clients and come up with innovative ways to present the invitation card. It is crucial to decide the chief guest and other dignitaries’ names before we design the invitation card.

At the end of the day, your brand or company is highlighted and you have a reason to partner with us for future events.

Celebrity Management

Come To Mobiwise and Experience The Most Professional Celebrity Management In Chennai

When you hire a celebrity manager, especially as  part of a corporate group, you don’t only need someone who knows the inside of the industry but also someone who is quick on their feet, reacts to stressful situations in a highly professional manner and makes consistently logical decisions.

The celebrity managers bear the brunt of the force from media contacts, schedule meetings, photo shoots and other PR activities for the star that will manage their time most efficiently. Many celebrities have risen in the ranks solely based on the tenacity and hard work of the people behind them, namely their managers.

Why Hire Your Celebrity Manager From Mobiwise ?

Our celebrity managers have years of experience under their belt. They undergo rigorous training and updates periodically so that they always stay at the top of their game. Knowing the right brands and the right people not only in Chennai but internationally too comes with the job, but understanding our clients and having excellent interpersonal communications with both sides of the table is something that has been honed to a fine art.

We also take it upon ourselves to make sure each promotion launch, party, and endorsement go as smoothly as planned with even the most minimal input from our client.

      Mobiwise is Your Number One Stop To Fame And Glory In Chennai

For any corporate superstar to arrive at a certain station in their lives, it takes the help of a celebrity manager to get there without falling apart in the process.

From buying a dress and booking a makeup artist for a red carpet affair to negotiating endorsements from a new brand, Mobiwise’s celebrity managers will do everything to make sure that our client is left free to let their talent flourish and show itself to the world.

Cocktail & Mock tail Party

                                          Mixing Business With Pleasure in Chennai – Mobiwise’s Cocktail Parties

When it comes to corporate celebrations, one of the most gratifying ways to celebrate each success is to host a cocktail or mock-tail party. At Mobiwise, we know cocktail parties are a great way to mix with people from the business in a more informal environment. Whether you are wooing potential clients or courting a group of new investors wanting to impress them with your generosity or even raising funds for charity, a well- planned evening of good company and cocktails is sure to be a success.

At Mobiwise, we will not only plan and execute your party for you, but we will go beyond our call of duty to make sure it is the best in Chennai. Leave It To Mobiwise, To Take Care OF Your Cocktail Party Details in Chennai.

Hosting a party in Chennai usually comes with some serious planning. Mobiwise, has several tie- ups with the entertainment and hosting industry so that you get the venue you want. Stage decoration, seating arrangements and a plethora of other details will also be covered. We also have some of the industry’s best suppliers of food and beverages at our beck and call to give you the highest quality ingredients for your night. Light finger foods or other accompaniments are also arranged according to your taste as well as full dinners and buffets.


                                     Mobiwise’s Caterers And Bartenders Will Fulfill Your Culinary Desires in Chennai

Mobiwise makes use of one of the most professional caterers and servers in Chennai to mingle among your guests and provide them with delicacies. Of course, no corporate cocktail night would be complete without some form of entertainment. From live jazz bands to lounge singers and dancers, Mobiwise has a wide range of choices for you to pick from, depending on the theme of your corporate cocktail party. Next time you host a corporate cocktail or mocktail party, call Mobiwise and see, feel and taste the difference.