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Content Creator

At Mobiwise,the “Agile Content Creator” is a brand journalist.He creates educational and engaging content that supports the buyer’s journey without rehashing corporate marketing materials. “The more complex your story is, the more you need to break it down into tangible bites of engagement,” This is where the skillful storytellers come in: Simplifying complex information, and creating lasting relationships with prospects and customers in the process, they inspire and support customers along every touch point for a more rich,rewarding brand experience.

Data-Driven Account Managers and Conversationalists will look to Agile Content Creators to provide them with authentic, relevant and timely content – key for connecting directly with consumers.“If a brand is ready to have a conversation with its audience, the appetite from that audience for content is endless.”Being a Mobile First Strategy Agency ,we understand the importance of  how to engage the increasingly mobile consumer. Having robust mobile capabilities – from knowing how to design and create content for the mobile screen, to understanding how to effectively participate in relevant conversations in real-time will prove critical.

Mobiwian -The Customer Insight Specialist

There is no doubt that brands have more data on prospects and customers than ever before. This massive amount of consumer information, including demographic, website interaction and purchase history, presents enormous opportunities for brands to better understand their audience and tailor the delivery of communications to meet buyer needs.

According to us, “Data is useless without people who know how to prioritize it and pick out the trends.” To prove itself a trusted partner, we at Mobiwise, we recruit employeeswho can turn data into actionable insights.

To help brands grow, we, leverage data signals from social media and the web to determine what the brand’s audience wants and then create content accordingly—oftenontheflyandatscale.

“We havepeople who can digest analytics and understand the science behind their marketing efforts,” The Customer Insight Specialist will interpret the large amounts of data from multiple sources to equip theagency’sData-Driven Account Managers, Conversationalists and Agile Content Creators with the intelligence they need to drive effective content programs.

We are nimble, creative and responsive,we rely on our Customer InsightsSpecialist to connect the customer touch point “dots” for the rest ofour team on a daily or evenhourlybasis.

At ,Mobiwise we havepeople with analytics Capabilities,we have business analysts and statisticians with a deep understanding of numbers, we can grasp the new world of communication, and the way that data impacts the brand and the business.