At Mobiwise we embrace the Converged Media Model

Empowered consumers are changing the way brands reach and engage with them. However, brands require consulting in integrated strategyand expertise in user experience, creative services and media buying. Our ability to apply integrated solutions is directly tied to its effectiveness in growing existing relationships and winning new clients,Real-Time Contentedness ( RTC )Mobiwiseknows ,how to integrate the marketing channels likepaid,owned and earned media effectively.

The Era of the Empowered Consumer

The reality is that brands no longer sell to customers.Consumers choose to buy products and services based on what they learn from online communities, online content and their social networks.This holds true for both business- to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) brands. According to The Marketing Leadership Council report titled The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing reveals that today’s business customers have their first engagement with a company representative after they are already 50-70 percent through the purchasing decision-making process.

Brands Looking to Content to Engage the New Social Consumer.Socially empowered consumers are pushing brands and agencies to reconsider their engagement model and to focus budgets on creating original content across the entire buying cycle.

By providing seamless dialogue,from first touch and initial sale to brand advocacy, agencies can guide brands in building prospects and customer trust.

Mobiwise support brands  “stop selling and start sharing and helping.” Mobiwise with the know-how and resources to cultivate content that shares their clients’ unique perspectives on breaking new sand trending topics will find success..

We are Media Convergence:Experts

The Blurring Lines of Marketing Channels .It used to be that marketers could focus the majority of their budgets on TV or radio ads to get the attention of the consumer – but not any longer. Consumers are now exposed to over 3,000 brand messages each day, with 75 variances by customer touch point, often referring to more than two content sources or screens at the sametime.Whiletraditionalmediastillplaysaroleinreachingand engaging the consumer, leading marketers are leveraging content across multiple channels to effectively broadcast brandmessages.

This trend, known as media convergence, represents the blending of tactics across channels to reach  and  engage the social consumer.A converged media model applied to growing brand awareness, engagement, sales and customer service is the only way brands  can align their marketing efforts to attract and retain the attention  of the new social Consumer.

The Converged Media Opportunity for Brands:

Brands are looking to digital agencies to navigate the era of the empowered consumer, seeking help in leveraging content to create better online experiences and engage with consumers across an array of channels.

At Mobiwise,we provide both the strategic guidance and the comprehensive buyer and channel understanding to help brands engage customers during each stage of the consumer journey.