Technology Driven Agency

Tech Stack for Marketing Insights and Workflow Efficiency

Mobiwise/Artificial Intelligence:

Mobiwians, creep toward real-time delivery models, work flow technology also will be vital to remaining efficient and profitable.Being a Innovative agencies,we have artificial intelligence technology solutions as enablers and extensions of their capabilities. We are relying on out sourced technology solutions to help scale our efforts, gain the insights we need to guide initiatives and optimize the performance of in-market programs.

Mobiwise/Driving Digital Strategy

We have Effective technology solutions for social listening and monitoring will help better understand the customer while supporting both real-time decision-making and program optimization. The imperative will always be to link tools and information into a dashboard intelligent enough to inform and guide account strategy across all channels.

Mobiwise/Work flow and Delivery

As we move toward real-time delivery models, work flow technology will be vital to remaining efficient and profitable. For our Clients.We will continue to outsource a large portion of our underlying technology infrastructure,as we need to sustain an integrated marketing program.Our marketing technology stack will continue to merge best-in-breed monitoring, content planning and production, content dissemination, customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics solutions. A comprehensive solution will help us to leverage our resources and talent to generate optimal results for our clients.

We will use the technology for content planning, including cloud-based services for content creation and dissemination. This core of our technology will be built with client data and tools in mind.Integration with client-side tools such as marketing automation, CRM and analytics systems will help to aggregate the audience insights required for campaign optimization and reporting.And beyond developing for the front-end (client user- interface) and the back-end (Mobiwise user-interface), we addphysical computing to our technology stack. This includes open source hardware such as Arduino and 3-D printers such as Maker-Bot, as well as integrated communications,document, project, creative asset and time management tools to complement social listening, publishing, and analytics.

“Mobiwise technology stacks will include software development across the front-end, back-end and native operating systems,” We will make use of the growth of internal and external collaborative applications housed in the cloud,we ideate and work more closely and productively withclients.