We focus on generating compelling content to fuel earned and owned media channels, we are “always-on”service providers, and create a consistent customer engagement across all channels.We build and sustain a complete skill set to support evolving media and marketing trends:

Mobiwian – DDAM (Data-Driven Account Manager)

We are Building Trust with our clients by providing the holistic benefit of integrated service delivery. Thus,

performance data is central to reporting on brand lift across different service lines, providing the insights that drive future success. As brands continue to depend on the integration of multiple channels to spread messages and connect with consumers, Our employees are skilled across multiple areas, including social media, SEO, SEM and public relations.

We at Mobiwise rely on our, Data-Driven Account Manager to carry a solid understanding of emerging marketing trends, technology and tool kits. The account services leadership group will expand its core competence, generating a new content strategy that ensures that specialist teams launch each element of the strategy effectively. Through channel integration, Mobiwise will help brands build and sustain both prospect and customer relationships.

Mobiwians are audience champions, using content to help audiences,before selling to them,using audience insights, the Mobiwise Data-Driven Account Managers will help brands publish the right content at the right time and on the right channels to expand brand reach and turn prospects into customers.


Mobiwian-The Conversationalist

For Mobiwise“Engagement” is the ultimate value. Today’s consumers want to interact with the brand and voice real-time questions and concerns, making it crucial for Mobiwise to offer clients audience engagement services. We understand consumers and know how to engage with them.

“The Conversationalist” brings a mix of deep audience understanding and storytelling ability. Inherently, this person is a consumer champion advising clients on how to position assets for maximum traction, engagement  and brand loyalty. The Conversationalist is a digital native, keenly versed in adapting agency creative and content for the web and social platforms. The conversationalistis also comfortable measuring all aspects of marketing, and is willing to adapt with evolving industry and technology trends.

“Customers only come from audiences,”  wecan either buy them with paid media, borrow them with earned media or build them with owned media.”

The Conversationalist will be able to sustain audience and customer growth using all channels. To that end, the Conversationalist will also act as the content amplifier – skillfully adapting and distributing content provided by a team of talented storytellers.