Mobiwise Native Ads for Chennai. Video and Social Solutions in twitter platform.

Mobiwise Brand building in an always  on  world

Mobile has changed everything. Today people effortlessly switch from screen to screen and expect content to appear instantly,  in the right format. More than ever, that format is video, and that trend is only accelerating. In fact, video views on Twitter have  increased 220 times in the last 12 months.1 By 2018, video traffic will be 80% of all Internet traffic.2

This shift is both an opportunity and a challenge for marketers. The interactive nature of mobile video means those little screens  play a big role in influencing purchase decisions. It’s why ad spending for this format is growing faster than any other digital  advertising format. To make the most of this opportunity, marketers must navigate a dynamic and complex landscape.

With Twitter, brands can unleash the power of video on the most influential platform in the world. Every day, millions of people  around the world come to Twitter to find out what’s happening, live and direct from the source. Brands can be at the center of  this real-time environment, create deep connections with their audiences and drive greater business results.

Connect with an influential,engaged audience

The most influential people come to Twitter to create and consume content. And not just well-known publishers, brands and  celebrities — over 800 million visitors3 from around the world come to Twitter each month to discover and share what’s new.

Reach people when and where it  matters most :

As time and attention rapidly shift to mobile, this connection is crucial. Engaging with content on Twitter has the same personal  relevance as receiving a handwritten letter.7

Enliven your brand with unique  & flexible creative options

Nothing engages your audience like great creative. Twitter’s live canvas enables you to connect with users in unique and  meaningful ways. From repurposing existing creative to creating a new, never-been-done-before campaign, Twitter has a suite  of solutions for you.

Creative  New

Solutions for every step of  your campaign

From developing compelling creative to defining your target audience or optimizing your campaign, you need the right tools at  the right time.

Twitter drives results at each  stage of the purchase funnel :